"It will soon be the end for all of you", screamed Smirgul from the yard.

"You shall die, King Jomar. Your consort and your son shall also die. Your disorderly daughter will suffer the same fate".

Luna heard the tyrant's scream, but strangely enough she wasn't afraid when she heard her own death sentence. She only felt that a melancholy fire had begun deep inside her.

"When we die, we die for Hilonien, for freedom and for the whole of mankind", said Jomar trembling.


"Our blood will be a call to everybody to continue the fight until the world is liberated from this dark tyranny. One day the rulers of Murtsch-Takesjdell will see our victory".

"How can we die for Hilonien when it no longer exists"? said Shelana.

"You saw what happened to your gold crown. Freedom is dead for ever. This is the bitter end not only for us, but also for our compatriots and the whole world".

"It is not the end", insisted Jomar.

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