Luna was dozing with her head on her mother's knee when a key was suddenly put in the lock on the iron door. She looked up hopefully. Perhaps somebody had come to release them, but the next instant she screamed with terror. It was Smirgul; she saw his disfigured face for the first time. The stately uniform with its orders and medals couldn't conceal the fact that it was worn by a human monster of the worst kind.

"Who are you and what brings you here"? Asked Jomar sharply.

"I am emperor Smirgul and I am the ruler of the lands on both sides of the ocean".


He then slammed the iron door behind him and stood in the middle of the floor, but to his great surprise the Princess rose up and rushed at him.

"My father was chosen by the people", she shouted.

"You have no right to rule Hilonien and you have no right to keep us locked up. You are a wicked and disgusting person"!

She hit him and beat on his uniform with her small fists. Smirgul fled in panic down the stairs without locking the door and his soldiers had to take the escaping family up the tower again.

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