Smirgul looked at him scornfully.

"Well spoken! You really are a talented man dear Roxpashleix. If I let the Prince and Princess live, but execute their parents they will of course love me above all. They will be my most loyal servants and never think about revenge. You blackguard! You would like to see me dead".

Jomar, Shelana, Luna and Midar then received their sentences. Smirgul intoned solemnly and malevolently:

"I, emperor Smirgul, hereby decree that King Jomar and Queen Shelana shall be beheaded at dawn. Prince Midar and Princess Luna shall also be beheaded at that time".


"I hope Tismina will forgive me for this evil deed. The executions must be carried out".

A key was placed in Smirgul's hand. He then left his staff officers and walked slowly up the narrow dark steps in the tower. He intended to tell the royal family himself about their fate and he was curious to see how they all looked. When Smirgul was sufficiently worked up his fear disappeared and he forgot that people could be dangerous.

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