"I suggest that you allow them to return to their palace, your imperial majesty. But first you must be certain that they will accept your authority and not incite the people to revolt", said the senior general.

This answer was unexpected and Smirgul became furious again. He wanted to hear a wise man say that the royal family should be executed.

"You are nothing but a traitor", he shouted at the general.


"You know very well what will happen if I let the royal family live. Sooner or later they will overthrow me. People of royal lineage are highly dangerous. They should all be killed. Of course I don't mean myself! There is a difference between royal and imperial lineage".

"I must say what I think, your imperial majesty", said a red-bearded admiral, who spoke for the first time.

"In my opinion it would be very distasteful of you to behead the royal children. Only a tyrant would do such a thing and you have often said that you don't want to be a tyrant. For safety's sake though, I think you should behead King Jomar and Queen Shelana".

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