The senior general understood that there was no point in ingratiating himself so he answered with a harsh voice:

"I have imprisoned them in the tower here, your Imperial Majesty".

Smirgul looked in terror at the general. He jumped up from his chair and hid behind a door where he stood and trembled for a long time before he dared to step out.

"Are they really here at the tower"? He said anxiously.

"Why didn't you tell me before? My life is in danger, but it doesn't seem to disturb you at all. The King could escape and kill me".


Here was the man who said that he was the bravest in the world and yet he behaved like frightened little rabbit. One of the officers couldn't help putting on a scornful smile and unfortunately Smirgul saw him. It angered him so much that he lost his temper and punched the officer on his mouth and he fell down.

"You dare to sneer at your emperor? You think I am a coward. I shall slice you into four pieces", bellowed Smirgul.

Then, unexpectedly, he calmed down.

"I need some sound advice from you officers. What do you think I should do with King Jomar and his family"?

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