When he saw the gory heads, which lay on the yard, a revolting smile crossed his lips.

"This is what will happen to all those who don't like me", he roared.

The soldiers invited him to enter a large stone room where the officers of the high command already sat and waited. They stood up when he entered.

"Congratulations, your Imperial Majesty", said the senior general with a false smile.

"You have already had great success in the war and shown that you are the greatest of all military commanders. We have arrested the whole royal family for you".


"That wasn't any news for me", sneered Smirgul, who saw that the general was false.

It irritated him that people were so sly.

"I shall compel everybody to be honest and behave in a natural way", he thought.

A servant came in with a dram of schnapps. Smirgul took his drink but didn't look at the servant as he was a vile person.

"Well, where is that dangerous King Jomar and his family", he shouted.

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