The nose less emperor sighed with relief when he saw the gray walls of the fort in front of him. Inside those walls he could feel safe at last. It was his dream to spend the rest of his life in a fort and be waited on by serfs. He could govern his immense empire from a fort without being attacked by bloodthirsty peasants. When the war was over he intended to have the strongest fort in the world.

However, the emperor had other concerns. Above all he loved gold, but he didn't own much of it.

"I hope they can find gold here he thought".


"Otherwise there is no point in crushing this country". Smirgul had to solve one more problem before he could think about gold. His soldiers had arrested the royal family and it was necessary to decide their fate. He, of course, wanted to behead them all, but first he must consult his admirals and generals. Hopefully, they were clever enough to decide if such an execution was advisable.

The soldiers greeted their emperor with deep bows and Smirgul enjoyed seeing their humility.

"The day will come when everybody in the world will bow to me and pay homage to me", he cried.

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