However, for those who lived near the coast, this cool summer evening was the last when they would enjoy peace. By the following evening they would no longer be free farmers and fishermen. Those farmers who lived further inland would get a few more days respite before they also met the same fate. The young girls loved peace and prayed for friendship between people, but a few years later these same girls would pray for war on their bare knees.


The royal family also sat in front of a fire at the Palace in Lindby. However, they were not as unconcerned as the farmers in the rural areas. Anxiety had already begun to spread in the city. There were rumors that uninvited guests were approaching the coast. The bravest only laughed when they heard this. They no longer believed all the gossip about misfortunes and catastrophes. The old fortune-tellers had made up the most frightful stories but their predictions were always wrong, at least they had been so in the past.

Princess Luna slept by the fireside on her soft cushions, but before she fell asleep she heard her parents say alarming things:

"If the imperial army attacks us in full strength, how long can we offer resistance"? Asked Shelana.

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