"At best a couple of weeks, but if the worst comes to the worst, only a couple of days or hours. We have hardly any military power so we cannot manage a war", said the King.

Luna was angry when she heard this because Jomar had told her everything would be allright.

"You can rely on our brave soldiers to beat the imperialists. We are stronger"! He had said.

At the Palace there was grossly exaggerated confidence in victory before the coming trial of military strength.

"Our soldiers are as strong as bears and will do everything to protect us, boasted the ladies-in-waiting".


"If the rabble from Murtsch-Takesjdell come ashore they will lick the dust even at the harbor. Our soldiers will never let them reach the Palace".

Late that night Luna woke up and saw her father sitting in an armchair and looking straight ahead. His features were so solemn that she felt obliged to ask him whether he was angry with her.

"No my child, I am not angry with you", he said vaguely.

"I am angry with emperor Smirgul, but I am not angry with anybody else in the whole world. Eat some of the fine shrimp soup and then go to bed and try to sleep. You will need your strength for tomorrow, as we have to make a very long journey".

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