The darkness of the late evening had fallen over Hilonien. The singing herds maids and the children who had picked berries in the forest had all returned home in good time. Those who were occasionally left under the dark fir trees and tall pines could be in danger. The elves and other small people of the forest entice's beautiful children away after the sun had set. Many children who had been deceived by them lost their way in the forest and never returned.


Everywhere in the kingdom families sat in front of the fire in their cottages and farms. The old woman told the children fairy stories and mothers cooked soup on the hearth. Peace still prevailed. The young men thanked Tismina that they didn't need to be soldiers and go into battle. The wooden figures, which represented Derel, the God of war, were mostly forgotten in a dark corner of the Temple. Hardly anyone thought the future would be black. People took it for granted that life would continue with hard work during daytime and social life in the evenings. Freedom from slavery and need was the normal thing.

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