Luna and Midar were often free and the whole of the city was their playground. They ran in the streets and visited the large marketplace with its fish market. There was never any shortage of fresh fish, but the constant tough bargaining was hard on the poor fisher folk who were amazed that they were paid so little for such fine fish. There were many interesting things for the Royal children to see. They could go to the quay and look at the big merchant ships, which came from afar with valuable spices, but they got most fun by running down to the long sandy beach and taking a swim. They used to collect lucky starfish and look far out at the horizon where the sea meets the sky.


Midar wondered what kind of country lay on the other side of the ocean and Luna told him that she had red about a continent populated by cruel warriors who held serfs and beat their own children. No ship ever sailed there and the people of Hilonien didn't want anything to do with them.

For every season Luna and Midar had their favorite occupation. In the spring they loved to run among the flowering lilacs and pear trees in the Palace Park. They went to the beach and enjoyed a swim in the sea during the hot summer days. The autumn was the time they went to the forest to pick berries. The winters were often so mild that there wasn't much snow, but when it was cold, they put on warm clothes and tobogganed down the slopes in the forest.

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