One beautiful spring day when Luna was seven, the governess came rushing in to the King's reception room. She was short of breath and the King looked at her with surprise. He understood that she had an important message as she dared to disturb him.

"Your Majesty, I think the Princess will drive me mad", she said.

"I can't teach her anything. Every time I ask her a question she already knows the answer and when I try to teach her she teaches me instead. You should send her to the university now, even though she is only seven".


The King laughed and was pleased to hear that his daughter was so talented. Then he remembered that chilly autumn day, more than seven years ago, when Luna was born and received gifts from the Angels. The first six angels were kind to her, but the seventh, who came from Hell, was evil and worried him. However, he knew there was nobody in his Kingdom who hated his daughter and wanted to hurt her.

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