Luna had previously noticed, that her father always was surrounded by soldiers in blue uniforms and when she asked him about this, he told her that all rulers lived in danger and needed to be protected. It was like a sharp sword hanging over him on a weak thread, which could break at any time.

One late summer day, an old fisherman came up to the Palace and told the King that he had seen a strange ship far out at sea. King Jomar looked worried and asked him many questions. Luna sat nearby and was reading about the farmer's struggle for their freedom, but when she heard this she looked up from her history book and listened to the old fisherman.


"Your Majesty, we were all frightened. We saw that it was some kind of warship with black sails, which gave it a terrifying appearance. Furthermore, foreign ships don't usually sail in our home waters. They were flying black flags and every flag had a dark red square on it. The sailors looked strange and they all had dark red uniforms. They shouted angrily at us, but we couldn't hear what they said as they were too far away. It must have been a warship from that awful island. However, we brought all the fish home. Your Majesty can perhaps send somebody down to the fish market to buy some of our fine mackerel". Jomar was white in his face. He was more afraid than he would admit. Luna also became fearful when she looked at him. She understood that something was not as it should be.

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