Prince Midar was envious of his sister, but he rarely showed it as he was very fond of her. She was his best playmate and always found interesting games for him. He was also a beautiful child with blond hair and brown eyes.

It was easy to see why the royal children were so healthy. Every morning they ate a health-giving gruel of the Gods. The court's chief cook was the only one who knew how to prepare it and he never revealed his secret. More than fifty children came up to the Palace every morning to eat gruel with the Prince and Princess. It wasn't possible for more to come as there wouldn't be enough gruel, so the children in the city took it in turns. The children in Lindby were often dirty, but before they came up to the Palace, their mothers used to make them have a bath and put on clean clothes.


The children were always noisy and excited when the gruel was served and sometimes the kitchen maids got their clothes splashed with the sticky stuff. Prince Midar was a real pest and when he began to splash it, all the other boys followed. But when the King threatened to make him stand in the corner, he calmed himself. Afterwards they all played under the linden trees in the park. Princess Luna was very ingenious and devised many amusing games. It was soon time for the children to go to their schools but Luna and Midar stayed at the Palace and were taught by a governess; an old teacher who know a lot about life.

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