The most skilful joiner in the city was given the task of making her cradle and an artist from the country decorated it with gaily colored flowers. They then delivered it at the Palace and both received a kiss from the Queen. Luna grew fast and was soon to big for the cradle, but Shelana gave birth to another child, a boy named Midar, who was two years younger than his sister and he took it over.


Princess Luna became the most beautiful girl in the kingdom with clear blue eyes and light curly hair. Her mother looked after her affectionately and gave her so much love that she couldn't be other than a kind adult. Nevertheless, it was the King who loved her most. Although he had to work hard to govern the country, he took every opportunity to play with her and take her for walks. He used to tell her that she was the sunbeam in his life. She gave him the strength to cope with all those troublesome and surly subjects who came to the Palace in order to complain.

He was grieved that Luna was a bit shy towards him, but it was his own fault; he was gruff and dominant by nature.

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