The wolves had gone and Jomar looked in despair at his newborn daughter. She lay quite still and for a moment he thought she was dead. But soon he saw she was alive and seemed quite happy. It was as if she had already forgotten all the dreadful things that had happened. Jomar calmed himself a little and tried to be happy, but when he thought about the evil curse he rushed into the Palace park and tore his beard.

"It can't be true. Who would want to hurt my little daughter? Nobody is more innocent than her", he shouted.


Queen Shelana cried the whole night, but the good Angels returned and comforted her. They fell on their knees by little Luna's bed, kissed her prayed for her and stayed with her. The moonlight was white again and nobody had any more nightmares. Everything was as fine as it could be.


King Jomar and queen Shelana soon forgot all about the night their little daughter was born as they had so many other things to think about. Next day large crowds gathered in front of the Palace and demanded to see the baby. The King wrapped her in a warm fur and proudly held her on the balcony. He told them her name was Luna and they all cheered.

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