The devil had yellow eyes, which shone ominously. He looked at the Princess and laughed crudely.

"Did you think you could avoid a visit from me, Luna"? He grunted.

"I also have a gift. You little divine wretch! I don't like a Princess to be born good and love everybody. Those white angels should never have come to visit you".

The devil jeered so loudly that it echoed in the Palace halls and never seemed to end. The howling of the wolves came nearer and it sounded as if the fierce beasts wanted to come into the city itself. The devil then gave his gift to Luna:


"I shall give you enemies who will hate you and try to kill you. I cannot stop the people of Hilonien from loving you but I know others on Tismos who are not likely to do so. I shall make you mourning for the deaths of those near and dear to you. Your whole life will be filled with mourning and I shall send thousands and thousands of misfortunes to your native land. Tears and screams will be heard again in Hilonien".

The devil looked pleased and flew away on his black wings and disappeared over the sea. He left behind an unpleasant silence and not a sound was heard anywhere in the Palace.

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