Shelana's beautiful mirror with its gilded frame fell in pieces. The baby began to cry and the wind howled. The curtains blew up and lightning flashed in the clear night sky. A gruesome anxiety affected everybody in the country. Those who were asleep had the most incredible nightmares and those who were awake felt that something was wrong.


The fearsome howls of hungry wolves, far away in the primeval forest, could even be heard in the city. A horrible thing then happened: the devil with his black wings and horrid skin stood before Luna. The little Princess screamed and Shelana tried in vain to comfort her. The iron grip of terror closed on them all. King Jomar wanted to drive the evil creature away, but didn't dare as it might kill them in a fit of anger. A hairy hand was placed on the child's cheek and she was silent at once. She looked with astonishment at the ugly face in front of her. Jomar happened to glance at the largest moon he could see and to his horror he saw that it no longer shone with its white light on the city. The moon was blood red and he was petrified with fear. In fact all four moons were red.

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