"I shall give you a little brother to love above all when the time comes that you don't have a mother and father to love anymore".

Now began some unpleasantness. The sixth Angel looked very frightened and her face was deadly pale. She fled in panic from the palace as if before a hideous danger. Jomar suspected he knew who might be coming. There were only six Angels and after them there was only darkness, space and nameless terror.

A devil with huge black wings and sharp claws flew directly over the dark ocean to the Palace in Lindby.

Jomar gathered all his courage and shouted:


"Just come here, you devil. You needn't think I am afraid of you"!

Shelana was terrified; she looked at her husband and screamed. She knew it was always wrong to invite any of the devils as it meant terrible things could happen.

The devil didn't come at once, but let Jomar and Shelana wait. Their anxiety and fear increased all the time. They feared for their daughter's life; they cried and prayed continuously. Suddenly an ice-cold wind blew through the bedroom and extinguished all the candles, It was pitch-dark except for the moonlight, which came from the window and had an unusual color.

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