But the Angel had flown all the way from the heavens just to deliver her gift and she couldn't think of obeying the request.

"I shall give you a happy childhood little girl. Many interesting games and other pleasures are in store for you in the near future".

But suddenly an uncanny feeling came over the Angel. Something grieved her and made her extremely sad. She covered her beautiful face with her hands and cried in despair. The tears gushed through her fingers and Jomar saw to his horror that some of the tears were red. The Angel screamed and woke Shelana who looked up, drowsy with sleep. The unhappy Angel gradually calmed down and managed to say a few words:


"Well, at least the first years of your childhood will be happy".

After that she also disappeared. Shelana looked anxiously at her husband and offered him her hand, but Jomar only sat still and stared in front of himself. It felt as though a weight was pressing on his heart, which would crush him. Never before had anyone been as sad as he was just then.

"This is the punishment for my evil thoughts", he said bitterly.

Shelana looked at him with surprise. She didn't understand what he meant. However, she felt the child was in danger and she held her arms around her. The sixth Angel soon arrived. She was already sad and she spoke with a sobbing voice:

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