Suddenly, the Angel looked sad and tears ran out of her beautiful blue eyes. Jomar couldn't understand why she was so affected.

"A time will come when you will be the only hope and solace for the people of Hilonien", said the Angel on the verge of tears.

Then she flew away as fast as she could. She didn't want to reveal how sad she was. After this the fourth Angel of the heavens appeared and went resolutely up to the bed. Luna looked at her out of curiosity but remained silent.

"I have come to give you courage", said the Angel with a melancholy voice.


"If tyranny and misery should fall upon your country, you shall not hesitate to lift the sword against those who are to blame".

The forth Angel also began to cry and disappeared very quickly.

King Jomar was terrified; he hadn't been so worried in all his life. He understood that the future would be filled with sorrow and distress. Those fortune-tellers who gossiped about adversity were right. When the fifth Angel came, he told her to return to paradise at once.

"I don't want to hear any more. It's enough now so fly away from here, please".

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