"I saw from paradise how enchantingly beautiful you looked in the moonlight, Luna. You will grow up to be the most beautiful Princess the world has ever known. Every young man will dream about you and my gift to you is beauty". The blond haired first Angel then disappeared and Jomar sighed with relief. His daughter had received the finest gift a newborn girl could get and there hadn't been any unpleasantness. The harp music was heard again in the palace and he understood that more visitors could be expected. Soon the second Angel of the heavens stood in front of his daughter. She was just as beautiful, but her hair was much darker.

"I shall make you into an intelligent and resolute woman able to reign over Hilonien", she said.


The second Angel flew away on her white wings and Jomar was pleased that his daughter would one day get as far in life as he had, but he was also a little worried. It could be dangerous to reign over a country and the thought of his daughter being exposed to danger distressed him.

The harp music died away and Jomar was surprised when the third Angel stood by the bed. She patted the baby's cheek and giggled. She looked so kind that he understood that her message would be pleasant.

"My gift to you is love. You will love all your future subjects and do everything you can to make them happy. The people of Hilonien will idolize you and one day you will be acknowledged as a Goddess who has descended into the world".

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