Jomar had only been sitting by his child for a short time when he suddenly heard beautiful harp music coming through the Palace halls. This scared him and made him think that the Spirits of the forests were coming to take her away. Luna cried but there was no fear in her voice. Perhaps she was trying to tell him that nothing harmful would follow the music. However, Jomar remained in a state of anxiety and he trembled as it came nearer. Supernatural beings were on their way and he hoped that they would be amiably disposed. There was nothing he could do.


He was startled when he saw the first Angel of the heavens standing in front of his child. The presence of such an outstanding visitor made him wonder who his daughter really was. Perhaps she was a divine being whose status was above everybody. The first Angel was clothed in a beautiful white embroidered dress and in her hands she held a burning wax candle. She smiled cautiously at him and said with a soft voice:

"You needn't be afraid. I have come here to give the Princess a gift from heaven". She turned towards the child, placed her hand on her forehead and said:

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