"My dear daughter. Your name shall be Luna. You are so beautiful in the moonlight. The Mistress of the heavens allowed you to be born on a Holy night of the four moons. Accept the love of Tismina and Hindladrim and let it remain in your heart as long as you live".

Jomar hurried to return the child to her mother as it felt cold in the Palace and she must be kept warm. Afterwards, he sat and kept watch all night as though he thought something harmful might happen. Shelana was exhausted and slept with the child on her arm.


King Jomar soon realized that he was not the only one who was moved and happy; it was a great joy for the whole kingdom. He could hear the feasting in the city and drunken young men sang in the streets. Next morning the heralds would ride out to the villages in order to proclaim the good news to the farmers. The blue flag of Hilonien, with its white wild strawberry flower, would be hoisted on every flagpole in the kingdom.

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