The guardsmen heard the midwife. They lifted up their arms and hugged the Queen's maids, even though it was unacceptable to do this. One of the guardsmen took a burning torch and ran through the narrow streets spreading the good news. During the night there were festivities as never before and beer flowed rapidly out of the barrels. However, Jomar neither rejoiced nor drank; he went silently into Shelana's room looking very solemn. He finally understood that this was a great moment in his life, which he should have looked forward to during the summer.


When he saw his baby daughter, laying on her mother's arm, he was so overcome by intense love that tears ran down his cheeks. She was so beautiful that it was difficult to believe that Shelana was her mother. He just stood there crying, unable to take his eyes off her. The Queen tried to talk to him but he couldn't say a word. At last he lifted the child in his arms. She was warm and soft and full of life. He wrapped her in silk and linen and carried her to the window where the moonlight could fall on her sweet face. Now was the time to give her a name and with great difficulty he succeeded in saying:

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