As the sun sank below the horizon he was surprised to see all four moons which meant a Holy night, as every child knew. The following day many of those who dwelt in the city would gather at the Temple and listen to the Priestess. Jomar was disturbed by the thought that his child might be born on a Holy night and he understood that it must mean something special. He no longer hoped that the child would be stillborn. If the Mistress of the heavens let the birth take place on such a night there must be a reason for it. Jomar felt increasingly sure his child would live and become somebody great, so he fell on his knees and prayed:


"Oh, Tismina, beloved Mistress of the heavens! You who gave birth to the Universe. Remove my evil longing and make me love my little one. Help me to withstand the heavy burden I must now carry. And may your blessing be upon us all. For ever and ever. Amen".

He had hardly said his prayer before the midwife rushed onto the terrace:

"Your Majesty, you have a sweet daughter, isn't that wonderful" ?

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