One gray chilly day in autumn, his beloved wife lay screaming in her wide canopy bed. The great moment was approaching, but despite the pain she was as happy as a woman can be; her own child was on his way at last. Although Shelana was not a beautiful woman, he had fallen in love with her because she was as sensible and wise as a goddess. She was noticeable pregnant even at the royal wedding, which attracted some attention. Jomar also had a lovely young mistress, whom he met secretly, but her intellect was so feeble that he could never have married her.


The sky cleared during the evening; a cold night was expected and fires were lit in every home in the kingdom. King Jomar donned his brown marten fur coat and walked to and fro in the Palace park amid the colorful autumn leaves, muttering to himself. He was going to miss the little freedom he had and would have to work harder than ever. People would expect him to give a lot of time to his child's upbringing, but it was too early to complain yet. There was still a chance that the child would be stillborn.

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