During this happy time for Hilonien's people, King Jomar's wife became pregnant and everybody in the kingdom waited in suspense to know if the Gods would give them a Prince and Princess. They all hoped for a girl as a Princess hadn't been born in living memory. In the city the female fortune-tellers cackled like hens and spread the wildest rumors about the unborn child, but none of them was so sure of herself that she dared to wager her head as the old custom demanded.


King Jomar was not particularly pleased by the prospect of becoming a father. He thought he had enough worries already. It was no easy or pleasant task to reign over Hilonien. His subjects were free; they could say whatever they wanted about his methods, and they did. Jomas was so irritated by the thought of being saddled with a screaming child, he wished it would die. Naturally he didn't reveal his feelings to Queen Shelana or to the courtiers, as it would have spoilt their pleasure.

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