Lindby is a city in north west Hilonien, beautifully situated by the seashore, and many impressive buildings were erected there. Two of them have given the town a reputation far and wide. The royal palace is famous for its long rows of columns which support the projecting roof, and many royal families have eaten their evening meals on the terrace in the warm summer evenings. They could enjoy the greenery of the Palace park even when it was raining. An avenue of linden trees goes through the park to the palace and this is the origin of the name Lindby.


The other famous building is a holy Temple in the center of the city, which is dedicated to Hindladrim, the Goddess of the moons. Many pilgrims come to the Temple from far and near in order to offer valuables in the moonlight. The inside of the temple is richly decorated with divine statues and other works of art. The artificial moons, with the four smiling faces of the moon Goddess hang from the ceiling. Donations are made in the small courtyard, which is enclosed by the walls of the Temple. According to tradition, this holy building was erected by her godsons, who wanted to spread the divine architecture to the human world. The temple soon became a meeting place for travelling peddlers and the city grew around it. All those who share the faith of the people of Hilonien have heard of the Temple of the four moons.

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