There are people on Tismos, created from the same stardust as we are, but they are so far away that they will never be able to reach us nor we them. However, if some of us happened to get there we might find ourselves in a forest with some of the birds and mammals we are used to. The people might make us believe we have traveled back in time to the days of farming communities. Tismos could be a paradise just as our earth could be, but reality unfortunately, is often different.


On Tismos there are many countries which are surrounded by high mountains and vast oceans. One of these is called Hilonien and there the good King Jomar once reigned in a just manner over his subjects. He lived at a magnificent palace in the capital city, Lindby. His subjects were free and happy because the many centuries old power struggle between the Kings and the nobility was over. There was no longer any authority, which plagued the farmers with work and taxes. Under the threat of revolt and violence, the nobility had unwillingly agreed to give up all their privileges and abolish the system. Freedom was achieved a hundred years before King Jomar was born. The farmers and craftsmen chose the King by simply raising their hands at the court.

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