"Chains are definitely not enough", said another.

Then they kicked his face with their leather boots and when he was bleeding round his mouth and nose, they lifted him up. The whole family was then compelled to proceed to their serfdom.

The children had seen it all. The last they heard was Elona crying and sobbing. Luna herself was in tears and she realized that this was happening all over Hilonien.

"I wonder how much our people will suffer before it all ends", she sighed.

"Perhaps this tyranny will last a hundred years"!


"It can't last so long", said Midar.

"There will soon be brave Rebels who will beat all the soldiers".

Luna hoped he was right. However, she didn't see how farmers could be Rebels when they were all defenseless serfs.

The autumn day was gray and dreary. A storm was on the way, but Luna and Midar didn't feel at all cold in the wind.

"It is fortunate that we have warm clothes" , said Midar. Luna was not in the mood to talk; she only nodded.

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