After a while more coarse voices could be heard in the distance, but this time there was no singing. The tramp of high boots and the clank of chains came nearer and the children were shocked to see their dear friends coming, surrounded by soldiers. The eldest son was chained hand and foot. He had obviously irritated the soldiers. The farmer's daughter sobbed quietly and her mother tried to console her. Both Elona and the farmer's daughter were very beautiful and the soldiers didn't leave them alone. When an enemy soldier pawed Elona, she reacted by giving him a resounding cuff, but he hit back even harder and shoved her so that she fell on prickly thicket and cut herself.

"You are a serf and shall obey", he shouted.


The farmer's son saw that his beloved wife had cut her hands and was crying. He rushed forward in anger and tried to hit the soldier, but he forgot that he was in chains and fell over.

"Don't touch my wife", he shouted.

"Leave her alone"!

The soldiers looked at him scornfully as he lay on the ground and stepped towards him.

"Isn't he satisfied with being chained", said one of the soldiers.

"Does he want us to flog him as well"?

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