Although the men had promised to remove all the blood from the floor, it was the women who had to go with their buckets to the stream and fetch water. The farmer and his son had a tough job digging the grave in the forest and covering the corpses with soil.

The old grandmother couldn't believe that her son and grandson were capable of killing, but she was nevertheless proud of them. She remembered her own grandmother's account of the way the nobility treated the farmers and she thought the soldiers had treated the family in the same disgusting way. However, she couldn't believe that progress had gone back a hundred years in a few days.


When the farmer returned, he stood at the door of the farmhouse with her son and found to his disappointment that the whole family sat in silence.

"What is it with you all? Are you sulking when we have been so brave"?

He had expected them to be as happy as larks, but they were sad that the peace they had been used to was over. The farmer's beautiful daughter was the first to break the silence. She smiled at her father and threw herself into his arms.

"Thanks dear father. You saved me", she whispered in his ear.

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