Luna shuddered and got up. She carried her exhausted brother down the hill and into the forest. Midar was so ashamed that he found new energy and began to go unaided.

The barking of the dogs echoed again in the night. The repulsive animals would sniff and sniff until they found the children and then rip their guts out. Some idiot had said that the dog is man's best friend.

"The dog is the emperor's best friend", thought Luna bitterly.

The children found something like a path and continued to go further away from the fort through the increasing darkness, but the barking came slowly but surely closer to them.


It began to rain, first a few drops and then it poured heavily. The trees thinned out and bare rocks lay in front. They had reached a long lake and must swim across deep water, which looked anything but inviting.

"At least it will be a problem for the dogs", thought Luna.

"And it is better to drown than have the face eaten by dogs".

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