"Damned moon"! they howled furiously.

Why should it be a lunar eclipse just now?

They shot their arrows without seeing properly and one hit the flat rock very close to Luna and Midar.

A terrific flash of lightening came down immediately on the three men and killed them all.

Princess Luna then knew that her love of the moon Goddess, Hindladrim, was returned.


In the surrounding countryside hundreds of estates, farms and cottages were being searched by the enemy soldiers. The pursuit of the children had been intensified. Luna and Midar had so far managed well, but Luna understood that their future chances of survival were, nevertheless, exceedingly small. The emperor had made himself into an omnipotent god. All those that he wanted to kill would, in all probability, be dealt with in a very short time.

"You must fight like an animal Luna", said a ghostlike inner voice which seemed to come from the grave.

"I know you always do your best, but now even that won't be enough. You must do more than your best, otherwise you will die, my sweet little girl".

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