The carriage with the royal family drove through an enchanting beech forest, followed all the time by mounted soldiers. The tramp of hooves echoed ominously and Luna couldn't reconcile herself with an escort just watching her, instead of protecting her; it was detestable. The whole family could be massacred whenever it suited the wishes of the emperor.


Luna and Midar knew very well that and old fort, with a moat and high towers, lay on the other side of the forest. The fort had always frightened them. They knew that swindlers and gangs of robbers were imprisoned there. The King also used to frighten them with this old fort if they got into mischief. He told them that disobedient children were sometimes made to sit behind bars there and were given a diet of bread and water. It wasn't until they were a little older they got to know that even criminals were given proper food and were well treated. King Jomar would never have believed that one day his own children were to be put in the fort and he was deeply distressed, as they were completely innocent. When Midar asked him why he should be put behind bars he couldn't give him an answer.

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