The journey continued through the city and they came out on a muddy highway. The birds sang as beautifully as ever; the leaves of the old oaks were as green and fine as on the previous day and the summer breeze was warm. But something was missing; the farmers weren't to be seen. They had been told that their farms would be burnt if they, or their workers, were found working outdoors before the soldiers had control over the whole country. Nobody milked the cows, which were in pain, and nobody gathered in the harvest. Luna was sad over these quick changes and wondered what would happen next. She looked towards the city and saw black smoke rising.

"They have set the houses on fire; they are burning innocent people alive", she called in despair.


"Be quiet my girl", begged Jomar.

"There is nothing we can do to help them and we can't talk freely any longer as the soldiers can hear us. It is best for us to remain silent".

The carriage rolled slowly forward. They passed a mansion where the flag of Hilonien still flew on a white flagpole. The soldiers had obviously forgotten to lower it.

"Be happy to see our national flag", whispered Jomar.

"It may be a long time before you will see the white wild strawberry flower again".

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