When she saw the injured and the dead being carried away, she began to cry again. One young soldier, who she knew, was bleeding from an injury to his face. He was in so much pain that he howled continually.

"You shouldn't be sad, Princess Luna. This is what happens in war and it's nothing to be upset about", said the soldier.

But Luna wouldn't be consoled. She couldn't accept that it should be this way.

When she arrived at the large statue she got another shock. The King was there, but he had been put in handcuffs like a thief. He spoke to her with an unusually mild voice:


"I am so happy to see you again, Luna. You have no idea how worried I have been".

"Why have they put you in handcuffs father"? Sobbed Luna.

"I am sorry it is this way", said Jomar.

"We should have tried to escape in the forest, but it was already too late when I knew the enemy had landed. We must now make the best of the situation and hope that they will listen to me. If the farmers in the interior of the country are unable to stop the attack we shall be forced to negotiate with the imperialists. Perhaps we must allow them to govern our country for a time".

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