"You are the Kings daughter, aren't you? We have put your father in a safe place so he won't be killed by mistake. He is waiting for you by the large statue. Follow me and I will take you to him". Luna looked astonished at the handsome soldier who spoke with an awful dialect unlike any other. She had expected him to be cruel to her, but he was kind. He tried to hold her hand but she refused, as he was an enemy of her people. She gave him a surly look, but followed without saying anything.

"You are a sweet young girl so you shall have a chocolate biscuit".

"I don't want one and in any case not from you", said Luna.


The soldier roared with laughter.

"You are in a bad mood today"!

"Yes, I am and I intend to continue being in a bad mood until you have left my country".

Princess Luna and the soldier went through the large door and entered the park. The battle had ended some time ago. The small number of palace soldiers had not been able to put up much resistance and now the emperor's soldiers stood on guard everywhere. Luna wanted to shout at them, but she dared not so she had to be content with sticking her tongue out.

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