"This was the best goose-giblet soup I have ever tasted. Where did you find the recipe?" asked Tage.

Anni smiled mysteriously, but he noticed her beautiful smile was not at all friendly. Her features had an evil appearance and in her bloodshot eyes he suspected there were frightful secrets. When she opened her mouth she revealed vampire like fangs!

There was a book on the table beside the soup plate with the bizarre title: "The cookery book of the devil-worshipping witches for a more human diet!"


Tage was white with horror as he looked through the pages. Fairly soon he found what he was looking for. It was a recipe for goose-giblet soup with the goose blood replaced by human blood. In other respects the soup contained the traditional ingredients.

He opened the fridge to search for further proof and he met a frightful sight. Dead human heads were placed in rows and he also saw the kitchen floor was covered by dried human blood, which had dripped out of the fridge.

Tage woke from his nightmare with a half-choked scream. It was half past ten on Saturday morning and he had a bad headache after his drinking on the previous evening. He would soon go and meet his girlfriend Anni at Stockholm's central station.

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