Tage showered, attended to his toilet with express speed and made his way to the central station.

When he met Anni he found he had worried himself unduly. She had drunk strong beer on the train and was herself a bit tipsy so she couldn't blame him for anything.

As soon as their eyes met, the air itself seemed to be filled with kisses. It was so wonderful to see her and her brown hair, soft dark red lips and beautiful small nose. They fell passionately into each other's arms and Tage felt he wanted to make love to her at once, in front of all the other passengers on the platform.


Anni had a bag with her, which contained cooking ingredients together with a very special cookery book, a good omen.

"Oh my dove, my fairy, my angel," said Tage later when he inhaled the most delightful smells from Anni´s cooking. She was making his favourite goose-giblet soup. She had not forgotten that people from Skåne liked a goose feast on November 11th. every year, so she served this soup together with goose liver sausages and other things.

Everything seemed like a dream...he was so much in love with her. However, it sometimes happens that the sweetest dreams can suddenly be turned into horrible nightmares.

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