"What on earth was he doing here? And what damn bad luck he should come to just this restaurant," she thought to herself.

His staring became even more intense and she wondered what he wanted with her.

The two drunks left and made their staggering way home. The owner was not to be seen and she was completely alone with this horrible stranger whose face seemed to change color and become even more evil.


At this point Beatrice was so frightened that she overcame her shyness and called for the owner. Despite everything, he would have to accompany her home; it couldn't be helped. She decided she would rather have her name dragged in the dirt by the old scandal mongers than risk being alone in a dark street with this gruesome person.

"Karlsson!" she called.

"Karlsson, will you come her a moment? Are you asleep Karlsson?"

The stranger grinned mockingly and still stared at her with his cruel, inhuman and bloodshot eyes. Then he said something horrible, which made Beatrice scream hysterically.

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