But the mysterious feeling did not disappear and in fact became stronger and stronger. There was something there, perhaps something, which panted and howled. A supernatural figment of the imagination, which suddenly jumped into reality. Or just a detestable young man uncontrollably oversexed, overexcited and carrying a knife. Or perhaps a ruthless mass murderer or even the vile horror of somebody who preferred making love to dead women. Her mind became a chamber of horrors.

"Pull yourself together, you stupid little idiot! Go home and go at once," the sensible side of Beatrice demanded. But her feelings revolted against common sense and caused her to stay a few more minutes until the danger was over, and whatever it was, had gone.


A few minutes before closing time a man entered the restaurant and sat at a dimly lit table in a corner. Obviously he didn't want to be seen. There were only two other guests in the restaurant and Beatrice know them both; they belonged to the town's army of alcoholics. The man, who just had arrived, was a stranger for her. He was dressed in black and had demonic, cruel features.

She began to be really afraid and a new unexplainable feeling came over her, which made her think that this man was indeed the cause of the danger she feared.

Beatrice wondered who this curious black clothed figure could be. She didn't like him at all and, to make things worse, he began to stare at her with a scrutinizing look, which aroused her intense loathing. He was absolutely repulsive.

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