"So that is what you meant."

Thomas pretended to be surprised.

"Why can't you lower your voice? Everybody is looking at us."

"I can wait until we get home sweetie," he roared.

"But then you won't escape when I take you in every exciting way and more!"

He had still not lowered his voice. This was unbelievable, but Elina realized it was even more unbelievable that she had ever been in love with such a repulsive swine.


Sometimes, when Elina was extremely upset, she did things she later regretted. If she made a scene in this restaurant it would soon appear in every gossip magazine in Sweden. However, everything between herself and her husband was destroyed so she could just as well let the worst happen.

"I want to talk seriously to you, Thomas," said Elina in a high piercing voice.

"And I don't care if we are in a restaurant."

"Talk seriously about what, sweetie? We have nothing to talk seriously about; we are rich and happy."

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