In the nursery itself many faint sounds could just be heard. Very small creatures were creeping around on the floor. It was the spiders. They emerged from the wardrobe and entered from the corridor in increasing numbers. Soon the whole floor was covered with spiders moving aimlessly. Then one of them climbed on to his bed and Lars felt it go over his foot. It was only a question of time before hundreds of them would be on the boys beds.

"Dad, please come and help me. There are spiders everywhere and they are on our beds," yelled Lars. Dad dashed in as fast as he could but the spiders moved even faster and disappeared before he could turn the light on.


"You silly boy. There are no spiders in our flat. Now go to sleep or your pocket money will be reduced."

"But Dad, I am afraid," sobbed Lars.

"You afraid? Afraid of some small spiders which don't even exist. And someday you will be a man. People will call you a woman when you grow up."

"No they won't," said Lars.

"Sure they will. Only girls and women are allowed to be afraid of spiders. Now do as I say and go to sleep."

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