Exactly fifty years after the murder of Olof Palme. On that morning he could enjoy reading several amusing suggestions in the press on how to stay alive during the night: "This evening keep away from the place where Olof Palme was shot, Mr. Palmer!" and "You are sure not going to the cinema this evening?" But if Palmer had heard all the gossip going on everywhere at this time , you can bet he would have been in mental agony. On this winter morning everybody was talking about the murder of Olof Palmer.


He himself had taken the day off so he could stay at home with his wife and seven year-old son. The villa, which was his residence, was now guarded by the largest police force ever seen in Sweden. Large numbers of police trudged to and from on the nearby streets and in the afternoon something very un-Swedish happened: two tanks came on the scene. Police dogs barked and the police radio was busy. The area around the villa had of course been closed to the public. All the residents in the entire suburb had been evacuated as if an attack with a nuclear weapon was feared.

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