So it was Olof Palmer who gripped the rudder of Sweden's next largest political party. And as a result of the Conservative's and Liberal's combined election victory two years later, it became his lot to be Sweden's Prime Minister. There was no risk that he would move the party to the left. On the contrary, there were clear indications of a pronounced right turn, and he himself had said that it was his ambition to see the American political model come true on Swedish soil.


Olof Palmer already had many enemies before he became Sweden's new Prime Minister. In the environmental movement they regarded him as a warmonger. And in the years after he came to power his enemies continued to multiply in step with the worsening poverty. Militant left-wing extremists sometimes remarked, half in jest and half seriously that a Palmer murder would not be such a bad thing. Interst in the murder of the Social Democrat Olof Palme in 1986 , had declined considerably. The truth about the conspiracy remained a secret just as the authorities had wished. Schoolchildren were taught that Olof Palme "had apparently been murdered by a solitary madman".

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