"Lucky for you," hissed Robot-Lasse.

Torsten laughed and clapped his hands.

After a while Francisco tried to continue reading the instructions. His intention was still to put the robot in its place.

"In order to get a female robot you give the order "change sex" and in less than thirty seconds I can change into a girl's clothes. I can also change my clothes in many other ways, if my range of dresses is complete. As a girl robot I have blond curly hair..."


"That's enough. I don't want to hear any more. This is repulsive. I had hoped the robot would be an asset for our family," hissed Linda.

"Well, you aren't considered to be a family asset yourself," shouted the evil little machine.

"Turn it off!" shouted Linda hysterically.

Francisco obeyed and the impudent scoundrel was instantly changed into something resembling a stuffed person.

Torsten was very happy and for the moment his deep depression seemed to have vanished.

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