"Are they robots? What do you mean? How can you say such an awful thing?" exclaimed Linda.

"Well they look like robots with all their loose parts and metal components. Yes, I must admit most of the robots I know are far more beautiful," said Francisco.

Linda suddenly became silent. Something felt wrong.

"But how does Lasse live?" interrupted Torsten, who had stared at his new companion all the time.

"Is he really alive?"

"In a way he is," said Francisco.


"He definitely lives more than those silly dolls which girls used to play with in former days. Lasse is a pal who is quite suitable for a young boy like you. Just say if you want him to have some other name and I will inject it into his soul."

"Stop at once," begged Linda.

"I don't want you to convince our son that a robot has a soul."

"I get angry when you say I don't have a soul. Silly Linda! You should take a course in sense and etiquette," hissed the robot.

"You must not talk like that to my wife," laughed Francisco.

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