While the children kept themselves hidden in the farmhouse, many changes had taken place in Hilonien. The war had come to an end and the emperor controlled most of the country. It soon became obvious that the people would not be allowed to retain any freedom at all. Their new masters were opponents of educational progress. They despised democracy, but praised dictatorship. The cruel Smirgul had all power in his own hands and he had decided to reintroduce serfdom. After one hundred years of freedom the poor farmers would be forced again to bear the yoke of bondage. However, this time it was for foreigners, which was much worse.


In the capital city of Lindby people found that their freedom was restricted more and more. First, the fishermen were forbidden to leave port as Smirgul was afraid that they would try to flee abroad and he didn't want to lose any labor. Everybody longed for seafood and bitterness increased. The next step was to prohibit hunting in the forests. Then the Temple was closed. Cult meetings and religious meetings were forbidden. Ordinary people should learn to worship the emperor instead.

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